2016 Awesome! Hello everyone!

Happy new year everyone! My name is Zhang Xiujuan, I am Chinese, you can also call me Amy. I am married to a Viking who loves me with all his heart and we have two fantastic Viking boys, five year old Tom and one year old Tor. Our sweet home is where my heart is. I wish all my families and friends happy and good health!

I have been living in Denmark for a little bit more than one year now. As a new Dane and learning the ” ways of the west” in Denmark, my life steps slowly but happily.

Do something and make yourself concentrate, always makes you spirit up and happy. I used to wait for the perfect moment to do what I want to do, today I just take the moment and do it. Here comes one of them, I am starting up with writing my blog. It will be everything from my brain. Besides that, I love communication, so please feel free to talk to me. You are very welcome!